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ICBA Mortgage Solutions Correspondent Lending Program

Is your correspondent lending program the right fit for your bank?

Today’s mortgage landscape presents many formidable challenges for community banks like yours. You need a correspondent lending partner that understands what you are facing---and can help.

Increased operational costs
Regulatory risks and scrutiny
Outdated mortgage technology
Non-competitive products and pricing

We offer correspondent lending SOLUTIONS that will keep your customers where they belong…at your community bank.

The opportunity is ideal now for your community bank to increase its mortgage market share and customer loyalty by offering a variety of mortgage loan products. ICBA Mortgage Solutions clearly understands how important it is for your bank to protect its customers by making mortgages a part of your core offering. So we make it as easy as possible to become an approved correspondent in just days…not weeks or months.

Through our correspondent lending program your bank can

  • Offer multiple, long-term fixed and variable rate mortgage products
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase fee income
  • Mitigate secondary market exposure and risk
  • Manage operational risks
  • Remain compliant and avoid buybacks

Experience IS the difference, and helps protect your bottom line.

Our seasoned leadership team has many years of mortgage lending expertise and experience working with community banks like yours. We have lived the cyclicality of our industry and ups and downs of our changing economy. We bring this experience to the table as your correspondent partner.

Our tenured compliance team ensures compliance with the SAFE Act and the latest federal and state regulations and licensing requirements, ultimately helping you protect your bottom line.

Want to find out if ICBA Mortgage Solutions is the right answer for your community bank?

Contact us today.